It’s easy when you have arguments and life being thrown at you sometimes to remember why you fell in love. Hell, sometimes it’s easy to forget THAT you are in love. This morning I got up to find out my home-schooled son, that the hubbs was supposed to get up and help with Social Studies, was putzing around on the computer while the hubbs was sleeping. I was irritated (understatement much? lol), but once I took a moment to remember all the awesome things the hubbs does I realize that it is a small thing in the scheme of things. So, what’s my next move? Continue to be perturbed? Or to suck it up, apologize, and move on.

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Not conducive to healthy relationships. 

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Wouldn’t you rather be walking together? 

If you want a forever relationship you have to move on. Getting historical isn’t going to help. Not wanting to apologize because you don’t feel what you did was wrong isn’t going to help. I tell people all the time, there will always be something you can apologize for, even if you don’t feel it is necessary. Trust is extremely important. Lies will get you nowhere in a forever relationship. When I mentioned to a friend that the hubbs had nothing to worry about because he knew I would never cheat on him, he was blown away. That’s kind of sad to me. He was shocked because we had a level of trust he had never seen in a relationship.

There is no way I could consider being a relationship if I didn’t enjoy it. One reason I enjoy my relationship so much? The hubbs can always make me laugh. He makes me laugh when I don’t want to, he makes me laugh just for the heck of it, and he makes me laugh when I desperately need it. That rocks my world.

As a new friend from the blogosphere pointed out, men have body issues too. I’ve written quite a few times about my own body image issues (All about that bass….), but I have written about his as well (Now that’s sexy….). Who doesn’t like compliments? Maybe a compliment given by a lover doesn’t carry as much weight as one given by a stranger, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give it all the same! Every time I walk by and he gives my ass a little smack, it makes me smile. It doesn’t matter a hill of beans that he’s been doing it for fifteen years. It matters to me that he STILL does it after fifteen years.

And sometimes, a smack on the ass is just fun.

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