Since I’m still on vacation/visiting my ill dad, I thought I’d reblog this little gem. I actually was afraid my mom wouldn’t like it. However, I read it to her last night and she loved it. I hope you do too!

The Self-Actualized Life

Day 14 is to write a 14 line poem, similar to a sonnet, a type of writing used by Shakespeare.The sonnet is a series of 12 lines in groups of four and one group of two. It is called Iambic Penatameter (and if you want to know more about it, go here). If you still haven’t found the challenge, you can find it here. I wrote an article a few months ago, A letter to my mother…., and I joked at the time it kept coming out as a poem.

As I am not a poetess, yet I still appreciate a challenge and I do adore poetry, I’m going to give this a shot. I’m sure it shall be amusing, but hopefully I don’t embarrass myself too much (I’m no Denise Frohman or Jesse Parent, For the Love of Slam) but I disgress…. I’m going full poem…

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