Since school is starting again, I thought I would repost this little guy. It’s about homeschooling and learning with children who have ADHD, etc. Enjoy!

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The Self-Actualized Life

Teacher, leave those kids alone! I don’t often write about parenting, not because there is anything wrong with it, but it isn’t my area, per se. However, we just started homeschooling our 11-year-old, 5th grader, which brings up a whole host of issues. When working on my Master’s degree, I did my thesis on Adult’s Perceptions of Children and Adolescent Use of Medical Cannabis (for ADHD, Autism, Seizure Disorder, Cancer, etc). It was one of the first of its kind, a pioneering psychological research study, so that’s pretty cool. My interest in this area was not entirely selfless. My 11-year-old has ADHD. When my older two (22 and 20 now) were kids, I was one of *those* people. The people that said ADHD isn’t a *real* disease. I said it was over-prescribed and over-medicated and I still believe that, but believe me, it’s a real disease.

As I sat on…

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