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Sequins and sex dreams you whisper to me.

Written way back before I barely had 20 followers, here’s an oldie but a goodie. Enjoy!

Ah, the sex dream,

A more enjoyable way to catch zzz’s I have not found

You always know what I need and desire, profound

So why do you make us feel so guilty?

A Freudian argument, its true.

But you’re all in my head

Allow me to enjoy you in bed!

People spend so much time feeling guilty over sexual thoughts.  Years ago, a friend of mine, who was dating one of my good friends, started working with a girl to whom he was very attracted. As I cautioned him on the wisdom of throwing away a good relationship for a moment. He replied that he could see a pretty painting on the wall, but he didn’t have to take it down. Well played, sir. But seriously, it is true. We are all entitled to our own private thoughts, even the lusty ones. The trouble comes when thoughts turn into actions. Nevertheless, we often feel incredibly guilty about these thoughts. Especially sex dreams, which happen in your unconscious. You couldn’t stop them if you tried so cut yourself some slack!

Everyone who masturbates (read: everyone! and don’t lie because you know you do!) has a “spank bank,” couples have their list of celebrities they can have sex with if they were to meet them. Why? Because they are fantasties, unattainable, and, therefore, safe. Sex dreams are no different. So, next time you have one, enjoy it! Guilt-free!! This is your pass. Above all, keep communicating with your partner. What if you have a dream about a fantasy that you want to turn into a reality? Why is that something that you couldn’t talk to your partner about, because who knows, they may be really into it!!

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I really have studied dream interpretation and if you have a question about a dream, I’m more than happy to take a stab at it! 😉


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