I was sitting next to the hubbs earlier today as he watched his baseball game. Now, the hubbs he doesn’t just love baseball, he LIVES baseball. He’s a die-hard Cubs fan. The best thing about Cubs fans is their eternal optimism that THIS is gonna be the year, REALLY! Bless his lil heart. In any case, he’s a huge sports fan as many men tend to be. Thank the goddess that he doesn’t watch basketball and only the Bears in football or I might not survive all the bloody sports.

In any case, you don’t stay with a baseball superstar for 15 years and not pick up some things. It’s kind of funny that he’s always shocked when I catch something he throws at me (a regular occurrence by the way). You see, the hubbs plays baseball like it’s aΒ contact sport. The last time he played (he plays left-field), he didn’t feel the center fielder was going for the ball aggressively enough so he dove and broke every single bone around his left eye when he hit his shoulder. The man has a steel plate holding his cheek up for cripes sake!

Back to the game, the Cubs have a new rock-star pitcher this year and he was talking about how fast he throws. I mentioned something back to an older baseball movie we saw, The Rookie, about a pitcher who hurts himself and makes an amazing comeback. When I referenced the movie, I could see he was surprised. It shows him that even though I could live without another baseball game the rest of my life (which he knows), since I love him, I pay attention.

A relationship is a give and take. If all you do is take, either you’ll end up with a SO that is a shadow of their former selves (like abusers do) or your SO will end up resenting you. It’s a two way street and there is no way around that. So if you want a forever relationship, be sure to give. Don’t just give what you feel you should give either. Give what THEY need you to give. The hubbs, he needs me to be attentive to his loves and baseball is probably right under me and the lil bit for him.

And I’ll do it, even if I have to watch baseball until I’m 80, because we are forever.

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