Someone asked what I did the other day. I told them I do marketing and PR, through social media. However, after talking for a bit something else came to me. I’m a facilitator. I’ve often joked through my life that I am a facilitator. When someone needs something, they come to me and I know a guy, that knows a gal, that knows a guy. I kinda feel like I’m “in the Family” when I say that, but it’s true! My datebook is full of poeple that do things like printing, bridal stores, sex toy parties, invitations, massage parlors, club flyers, radio personell, and more. My job is to put these people together with others that might work with them so that both companies benefit.

You have been living in a 24/7 world for decades now. Optimal posting times are a myth.I’m talking to all of you entrepreneurs. Anyone who wants to be in business for themselves can be. You need to find the skill you do well, the thing that puts you above the next guy, and that’s what you do.Sometime I feel like this isn’t the direction I saw myself going at all, but I have to remind myself. Like Lily Tomlin said, I’m under construction, just like the path I am taking. I was reading the other day about blog mistakes. One of them was being too personal. However, since my writing runs more to the psychology side and is public anyhow, I merge the two.

I think we’ve gone too strict with our view of what is professional and what isn’t professional. In fact, I even posted on Twitter (of all places) the other day if cursing was taboo in the workplace? Or if it was more commonplace. My mother is one of those people who believes that her children are an extention of her. Because of that, my cursing has been a bane of her existence. I, for one, don’t think that society hasn’t grown with the times, but buisness certainly isn’t growing at the same rate. I think it’s time we bring business and society together in a real way. It’s time to facilitate change. There’s a saying, Be the change you want to see in the world.

Can we meld the business with the personal in our lives? Or is it a no-no?

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