Apparently, I skipped two questions so we shall be going back to the ones I missed one the All About Me prompts. You can find it here. I’m going to answer both items I skipped in one. The first prompt is to talk about the most difficult thing we had to forgive and the second is to talk about if we could live anywhere and why?

The first one is about forgiveness. Forgiveness is a lot easier when you realize the most important thing about forgiveness. The deal with forgiveness is to realize that you don’t forgive the other person so they can feel better, you do it so you can feel better. It’s easy to dislike someone, but that eats at your core. Sooner or later, the only one you end up hurting is yourself, not them. The hardest person I ever had to forgive was my ex-husband and his wife. They caused me an untold amount of pain, pain that I’m not sure I could ever even put into words, nor would I really want to do so. At a certain point though, hating them was only hurting me. They didn’t know or didn’t care if I hated them. The only person suffering was me. How stupid is that? So, I had to forgive them, and move on, because in the end the only person I was hurting was myself.

The next question is to talk about if we could live anywhere, where would it be and why? Well, anyone that knows me knows the beach is totally my happy place. I was hoping we could move by this summer, but it looks like we’ll be waiting until next spring. My mom and step dad live in different areas of Florida, but I’ve always wanted to live there and my dad is getting up in years. I’m hoping we’ll be somewhere in Florida, preferrably on the ocean coast side, within the year! I love the beach and I love hot weather. My entire life growing up, I remember how much my mom wanted to live in Florida. She always used to talk about it so whistfully. I’m not sure if it was tranferrance or what, but I would love to live there too. My daughter, just like us ,she’s always happiest in the sand. Maybe it’s just a family trait!

Who wouldn’t wanna wake up or go to sleep with that? 

Where would you live if you could live anywhere?

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