Today on the All About Me writing prompts list, found here, is to talk about what animal we would be, and why? Further proof that I write nothing ahead of time, I posted the picture with the elephant yesterday and this is probably my animal.

When I was a kid and we would go to the zoo, I always loved the elephants. These big, yet gentle animals that were supposed to also be quite intelligent. I’m not quite sure why, but elephants became my first love.

As I got older and began to feel closer to Paganism, we often pick a patron God and a patron Goddess. My patron Goddess is Brigid, the goddess of hearth and home. Being a mother, she seemed like the obvious choice. When I came to think of who my patron God would be, I started looking and I came across a picture of Ganesha, the Remover of Obstacles. Anyone that knows me would probably agree, my biggest obstacle is myself.

Ganesha with his parents, Parvati and Shiva, the destroyer

The story of Ganesha is one of my favorites. The story goes that Parvati wanted to take a bath, but not be disturbed. She set Shiva’s bull outside the door to protect her whilst she bathed. When Shiva returned home, the bull let him pass. Parvati took turmeric paste from her bath and breathed live in Ganesha, declaring him a favored son. The next time Parvati took a bath and Shiva returned home, Ganesha would not let him pass. In a fit of rage, he cut off Ganesha’s head. When Parvati saw this she was distraught and enraged, wanting to destroy all of creation. Lord Brahma, the Creator, naturally wanted to talk her out of this. She agreed if two conditions were met; 1. That his head be replaced and Ganesha brought back and 2. That he be worshiped above all gods. Brahma sent Shiva out to find the first animal he could and bring back the head.

Once I read this story I knew only one god would be the one to be my patron, Ganesha. Long story short (too late!), I would probably be an elephant. How about you? Do you have a spirit animal? Maybe an animal you feel particularly connected to somehow? What is it?

I mean is he adorable or what? 

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