Today’s All About Me writing prompt is to describe a day in our lives. You can find it here. I have just revealed a new marketing strategy I’m using with my new company that is working quite well, on The Millionaire’s Digest, coming soon I hope! I’m going to describe it a little for you.

Meet me at the corner of Marketing and Strategy! 

There a couple of current marketing strategies online that people are using. I do use parts of them, but I’ve added a few things and come up with an amalgamation of sorts. The first strategy is called the 80/20 strategy. This marketing strategy says that 80% of the time you give people something BESIDES pushing your company. The other 20% is when you market yourself. Another strategy is called content marketing. This strategy says that you should put out good content and people will read it. Build it and they shall come kind of thing. They are both good strategies. That does not mean they cannot be improved upon. As a marketer it’s also important to always remember your client. What works for one business might not work for another one. I’m sure everyone has heard of “optimal posting hours” on each social media platform. I’m here to say “optimal” posting on a 24/7 service is a fallacy. That’s the wonderful thing about the internet right? It connects you with people ALL OVER THE WORLD. Have you heard the phrase: It’s always 5 o’clock (or 4:20) somewhere! Well it’s pretty true! Long story short, too late: This is my typical day.

The first thing I do when I get up is check the TONS of social media notifications I have for each account, for each business. Reply, follow people back, re-tweet, like a few things, etc. Sometimes, I may have upwards of 50 notifications, a lot for two months of business.

Then I go make coffee. This is important. Do not skip this step. (Trust me on this one!)

Then I’ll spend a bit of time replying to emails and catching up on phone calls I need to make. If my salesmen needs me for something (remember I just started this thing a couple of months ago) then I’ll attend to that. I spend a little time online looking for funny things to post and good content to share.

One of the most popular meme’s I’ve ever posted? Why? People love a good pun? Who knows. But did that stop me from re-posting it a few weeks later? No there are plenty of folks that didn’t see it the first time! 

If I have any errands for the day, I’ll usually do them now. We’re definitely not morning people so I usually don’t wake til around 11-12 (Don’t hate me, if I don’t stay up til 4am I don’t get the see the hubbs).

Dinner-time and relax time! When you work for yourself it’s difficult to remind yourself to take time off! When you’re at home and you work from home, but definitely do it. It’s important to your sanity and your family.

After some time relaxing, I’ll go through all my feeds again for a few minutes. Interacting with followers is EXTREMELY important, but don’t forget that most people only go through their feeds for a few minutes at a time, several times a day. This is where the new marketing strategy comes into play. I would say I go through feeds for each account for at least 15-20 3 to 4 times a day.

Check all feeds one last time before lights out!

Good night!

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