In honor of pet peeves, the absolute best song about complaining ever written! I remember my grandpa laughing when that would play as a girl. Ah, memories! 

Today’s writing prompt on what I am now referring to as the All About Me prompts, found here is to talk about our pet peeves. We’re supposed to talk about 10 pet peeves, I’m not sure if I have that many but I guess we’ll see.

We LOVE this scene in our house! Every wife/ mother has felt this way before I think! 

  1. As much as I love my husband, he has a disgusting habit. He dips. He re-uses a bottle over and over by cleaning it out. It’s revolting. However, I smoke (very few) cigarettes, which he thinks is revolting so we agree to disagree. As long as he puts his bottle away when not using it and keeps it largely out of my face, I don’t complain.
  2. People who don’t cover their mouths when they cough. We know how disease is transmitted now people. Air-borne is a thing. Just cover it.
  3. People who say they shouldn’t have to vaccinate their child, thereby endangering my children’s lives, on the basis that the minuscule chance something could happen to their child outweighs my child’s health. Did that make sense? lol
  4. People who write super-long posts, 3 times a day, cuz yeah I totally have time to follow all that. I have written a couple of posts that ended up too long for my taste. I split them in parts (one of the best tips I ever got from someone!) and once a day is more than enough! This isn’t a Facebook feed. It’s for actually having ideas, original ones. Please, I’m begging you.
  5. People who don’t like grammar Nazi’s. Learn how to spell and you won’t have to hate me. It’s kinda basic, yanno. (This is a proper net abbreviation of you know<< ha!)
  6. People that make no effort to move even the slightest bit when you’re walking down the street. Both people move a little bit. It’s called compromise and it’s what makes the world go around. Scoot!
  7. (Kinda embarrassed to say that I had to look at a list of pet peeves to complete this) This one is so true though….When you let someone in front of your car and they don’t wave. Courtesy, it’s dead. You don’t have to be a schmuck. A bloody wave wouldn’t kill you.
  8. People who talk over you when you’re in the middle of a sentence. Man, that’s a big one! I know the rules of conversation, do you? You talk, I talk, I talk, you talk. That’s a conversation. Otherwise, its verbal diarrhea and that’s unattractive.
  9. When people sit right next to or across from each other and stay on their phones the entire time! Now keep in mind, I work from the internet and my phone meaning it’s beeping all the time. During certain hours I keep the ringer on, but the rest of the time it is off. I will check it from time to time, but for the most part, if I’m with someone I am going to be with them. It’s just rude! Don’t let real life pass you by while you’re on the internet!
  10. I guess getting to 10 was easier than I thought! (lol) People who refuse to change. I’m sure there is a term you’ve heard many times: People don’t change. For the most part, that is true, but only if they don’t want to change. If someone wants to change, they absolutely can change! I’ve changed a ton since I was a teenager and the hubbs has changed in the past 15 years of our relationship (I’m sure I’ve changed plenty too). I’m having an issue right now because someone wanted change then was completely resistant to it. It has caused a huge problem.

Change is inevitable. Get on the train or get off the track!

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