Number 9 on the All About Me writing prompts list is to list 10 people who influenced me and describe how they were an influence to me. Instead of reposting the list again and again, just find it here. I definitely had a lot of people that influenced me at different points of my life for various reasons, as I’m sure you all have as well. In no particular order, here is a list of mine.

  1. My mother- For better or worse, my mother is my mother. I love her very much, but she will never be what I want in a mother. She’ll never love me unconditionally and she will never be there for me always and in every way. I could excuse her actions with her disease, or her young life which was difficult to be sure, but the fact is all I can change in the situation is my reaction to her actions. I’ve tried many approaches and most have failed, but I will continue to try because she’s my mother and I love her. She’s given me superb story telling skills, a love of laughter, an outlook on life that I often agree with, and much more. We take the good with the bad and I’m no picnic 100% of the time to be sure.
  2. My father- Though he passed away when I was young, I know the kind of person my father was and I know how he was viewed by others. I want to be remembered that way. I want people to remember that I loved and I truly care about what happens to other people. I want to be remembered as a fun and trusting person, because the alternative is just too bleak. Yes, sometimes it bites me in the ass, but I would prefer that to trusting and loving no one.
  3. My brother- Though I have no siblings from my biological father (not the man referenced above) and mother, my daddy (above) and my mother had a boy, 6 years younger than me. Michael and I grew up together so, though I have 6 various step and half-siblings, he is the one to which I am closest. I adore my brother, although sadly, medical reasons have kept me from seeing him much the past 10 years. He is the one that keeps me honest. He is the one who’s opinion I trust and he’s often the one I call to commiserate with many times. He’s influenced me in so many ways, I don’t think I could even narrow it down. I’m forever grateful to call him my brother though.
  4. The hubbs- Just because he’s number four doesn’t make him more or less important. I just happened to meet my parents and brother first. Whenever I have a decision to make, I can usually guarantee the hubbs is gonna have just the right advice. He’s a wait-and-see kind of guy, which can be a bit frustrating for a worrier like me, but it’s what I need. Someone who tempers me, someone who understands how I feel but is ready to make me feel better. Even if I’m not sure what I need right them, he usually is. Priceless.
  5. My step-dad- Nev the Dev as he is often called married my mother when I was 10. Shortly, by most standards, after my father passed, but he was a great guy. He stepped into the role of step-parenting a 4 and 10 year old, after raising three kids (already 17, 19, and 21) with aplomb. To this day, he makes sure we talk plenty. He is happily grandfather to my kids, Pop, and he adores them. He and my mother spent almost 18 years making each other crazy. Somewhere after I left my ex, they divorced, probably best for all around. Luckily I never lost this man who’s always been extremely important in my life.Because of length, tomorrow will be part 2 of the 10 more important influencers in my life!

As this is becoming quite long, I shall continue with the next 5 in part 2, tomorrow! 

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