I am a sex-o-matic venus freak when I’m with you And I will stop it only when you tell me to…. 69 positions and whipped cream all over my skin- Macy Gray

On day 7 on our handing little writing prompts, henceforth to be called All About Me, found here. we’re to talk about what our dream job is and why? This is easy. I’ve written before about Dr. Ruth Westheimer (for example, here) and my adoration of this amazing woman. She was not only happy to talk about sex, but got an entire generation of women realizing sex isn’t just for their spouse and thank goddess for that!

I study psychology because I love it. I believe in Abraham Maslow because I believe his teachings were long before their time and still can mean a lot to us in the 21st century. My dream, however, is to write something as relevant as Dr. Ruth. I have used psychology to give myself validity and I believe it has. That being said, I think sex is as important to any relationship as is having a sense of humor. Someone said to me the other day, I bet you guys laugh all the time and the truth is we do laugh a lot. We also snuggle a lot (I’ve discussed the benefits of touch therapy before as well), we have sex a lot, we make dinner together, and we go to Chuck E. Cheese and play video games. All of these things are essential to our life and enjoyment as a family unit. But I digress….

Thanks to Dr. Ruth a generation of women didn’t grow up to believe that sex was not a chore, it was and should be enjoyable and amazing. Even so, I find there are scores of women around my age who still feel frightened by their own sexuality. When I was in my 20s, having a one-night-stand was elicit. Now, there’s Tinder and a host of other apps if you just want to have some fun. However, we’ve gone the other direction. We’re coming back to the ages of bacchanals (celebrations for the god Bacchus, orgies of food, sex, drugs, and more) instead of healthy, loving, and wonderful relationships. I’m so proud of the fact that my children have grown up (the ones that are old enough at least) to have relationships that are long-standing, important to them, and faithful with partners who love and respect them. My 11 year-old often jokes that he knows more about sex than anyone his age (he’s often the one I bounce my less-adult only articles and he loves when I talk about Daddy). I know though that he is going to look for a relationship like his older brother and sister and his mom and dad have and I love that.

I talk about this in one of my most popular posts: The intersection of perfection!

So to the question of what is my dream job and why (to make a long story short, too late!)? I dream that one day I will finish my PsyD, I hope to write a book that will be successful and help even more women come to the realization that sex is a good thing, and I hope to show my children the best relationship I can so that they may know what to seek. I know there is a happy medium between bacchanal and loss of enjoyment in sex. I would love to see this business I have begun become something real. I see it growing and I know we can do some amazing things with it. I’m extremely proud of my first hire and I believe it’s only going up from here. I think that good things are coming so until I can live out this dream…. I’m going to live what I’ve got going on now.

The dream is what’s happening now.

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