The woman in the featured pictures was ejected from a Trump rally. She’s wearing a star that says Muslim, reminiscent of the yellow stars Jews had to wear during WW2. 


For day 22 in the June 1-30 challenge, found here, we’re to write about a catch-22. According to the Oxford dictionary, Kathleen tells us, the definition of a catch-22 is “a dilemma or difficult circumstance from which there is no escape because of mutually conflicting or dependent conditions”. I don’t normally talk about things like I am going to do now (you’ll see in a moment) simply because this issue is incredibly charged, but here goes.

Since I am Jewish, people often ask me what my view on the war in the Middle East is and what do I think it will take to end it. This is what I tell them. Israel has been fighting this war for almost 5000 years. It hasn’t ended yet and it won’t be ending anytime soon. Welcome to Israel’s war. That being said, you must remember this “war” is not perpetuated by Muslims. It is perpetuated by EXTREMISTS. Religious zealots. You can’t argue with religious zealots, you can’t reason with religious zealots, and you can’t compromise with religious zealots. However, every religion in the world has what would be considered a religious zealot. Look at how many people were killed during the Crusades in the name of Christianity. Or how about the 8 million Jews, Black persons, Homosexual persons, Gypsies, and more exterminated by Hitler?

Sign Left: Muslims say YES to Women’s Rights Sign Right: Muslims say NO to Domestic Violence (this is a Muslim fraternity trying to change stereotypes)

All religions have zealots, it just so happens that this particular group of zealots is much more vocal RIGHT NOW. Naturally, I am as saddened and horrified by the events in Orlando, Florida and Istanbul, Turkey this past week. However, I’m almost more saddened by how hard the media tried to connect this boy, Omar Mateen, to ISIS. They say that he pledged his allegiance to ISIS during the gunfire. I spoke with a client of mine, who is Muslim and I found his take quite interesting. He believes the boy may have been homosexual himself. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to be an LGBT person in this culture. Who knows which is true and we certainly cannot ask him, but increasing hatred toward a group who’s true followers would never commit such violence is wrong. 


This is the true nature of Islam. Muslim men form a barrier of peace for Christians to enter their church safely after bombings. You can find the article about it here, as well as, some other great articles about interfaith peace. 

Myself, I say Maas Salam, Blessed be, and Shalom!

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