For day 12 of the June 1-30 challenge, found here, we are to tell about 12 things for which we are thankful. I’m sure I could come up with way more than that. I am a lucky girl, but I digress…

12 things for which I am most thankful:

  1. The hubbs: Without whom I wouldn’t have most of the wonderful things in my life.
  2. My three beautiful children: Without whom I wouldn’t have the rest of the most wonderful things in my life
  3. The internet: Without it I wouldn’t have met the love of my life (our story is here), I wouldn’t have gotten into this blog and the amazing partnership I have with Lydia, and I may not have completed my Masters Degree already. I have kind of a love/hate relationship with the internet. I hate it takes so much time from life/family, but I love the opportunities it affords me.
  4. My son’s lovely wife: Because she makes him happy.
  5. Their unborn son: Who will carry my father’s name as a middle name and give me a reason to buy baby clothes again. Oh, and of course, make me a grandmother: a job my mother says is one she highly recommends.
  6. My daughter’s sweet boyfriend: Because he makes her happy.
  7. My new business getting it’s first client. My partner and I both think big, which I love, because we both know how awesome this whole thing can be given the chance! 
  8. My (improved) health: Yes, it took over 10 years, but after three surgeries, I have MUCH less pain than I did ten years ago.
  9. Cannabis: Thanks to cannabis, I take MUCH less pain medication than normally. As in almost none! Considering 5 years ago, I was taking extended release Dilaudid PLUS 6-8 Percocet a day. These days, with cannabis, I take a couple of hydrocodone a day, at most. In Western States, where cannabis is legalized, up to 80% of pain patients have completely given up their pain killers! How amazing is that.
  10. Friends: Especially new ones. When we moved here, I applied (and got) a job at HomeGoods over the holidays. The job didn’t last long, but my friendship with one of the managers did. She and I hit it off and, just at a time when she and I both needed a friend, we became friends. She’s a great person and I feel lucky to have met her.
  11. Religion: More specifically that I’ve found something to believe in. Humans are hard wired to believe, to have faith, in something. For some people, like the hubbs, that person is themselves (Agnostics and Atheists). Some people believe in the Old Testament, some the Old and New, and some, like me, practice the Old Ways.
  12. Enough: I’m thankful for enough. I may not have a lot extra, but I have enough. Moreover, I’m thankful that enough is enough. Not everyone knows this (When is enough?)

What are you thankful for?

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