For the 11th day of the challenge, we are to pick a photo that can tell a powerful story. In case you haven’t looked yet, you can find the challenge here.ย When I think of photography, I think of my Uncle Harry. Incidentally, I also have 10 cousins, making us 11 total for my grandparents. This is their 50th wedding anniversary with their three sons and my mother around them. Uncle Harry is behind my grandmother.

Gma and Zadi's anniversary

For the first six years of my life, I was the only grandchild. I don’t often remember my Uncle Harry without a camera. This picture is me, when I was about five and shortly before my brother (the next grandchild after me) was born.

Uncle Harry took it of course. Most of my favorite childhood photos were snapped by, you guessed it, my Uncle Harry. There was a picture of me (which I do not have online) that he took of me. Whenever people would look at it, they would ask when that picture of David (my oldest boy) or when that picture of Gavin (my youngest son) was born. Ummm, I’ve got bows in my hair!

I’m sure you can see why we love his photos.

Thanks for the memories!