This one is going to be easy! Today, for day 10 of the challenge, we are to share links of 10 bloggers we like and say why we like them. A toast to 10! The hard part is going to narrowing down all the bloggers I love to just 10!

First, and definitely foremost, is my partner is Global Media Mavens, the lovely Lydia. She just mainly writes about her life. She’s a wonderful lady and I feel extremely lucky to have found her! I hope you will too!

Secondly, I love sonofabeach96. His blog is photography and you can find it here. He’s got a fantastic eye and I’m sure you will enjoy his photography as much as I do.

The next blog is Victo Dolore. You can find it here. The tagline is Behind the White Coat Beats a Real Human Heart. I think people forget sometimes that doctors are just people. She (I’m pretty sure from what I’ve gathered, although they’ve chosen to remain anonymous for obvious reasons) really brings big issues about medicine in the U.S. down to a human level.

Blog numbers 4 and 5 are a bit risque so enter at your own risk. I really enjoy these ladies write. All they do is talk about their experiences, but they’re engaging. Almost 20 years apart, the experiences are surprisingly similar, which I find quite interesting. The first belongs to Rosie at Hookup Culture and you can find her here. The second belongs to Ann St. Vincent and you can find her here.

The sixth blog is kind of sexual too. It is my area after all, therefore I read a lot in this area! It belongs to Sex Is My New Hobby and you can find it here. These sights are strictly for adult writing and reading! You’ve been warned!

Looks oddly relaxing huh?

Blogs 7 and 8 belong to Nikki at A Kinder Way and Danny and Dream Big, Dream Often. They’re always big meet and greet/share your link hosters. They have great content and are committed to connecting bloggers, which for someone starting out can make or break you. A big toast to Nikki, whom you can find here, and Danny, found here, for their support of the blogging community.

For blog number 9, I think I shall nominate Must Be This Tall To Ride. His posts are quite long (fair warning), but they are entertaining enough that you don’t even notice it. He is quite self-reflective, which is part of self-actualization, so I’m a big fan of that! He’s also very humorous and you can find him here.

Last, but definitely not least, is number 10. I had a really tough time narrowing down ALL the awesome blogs I love to just ONE, so please don’t be hurt if I left you out. This was a tough one! For this last blog, I give a shout out to Grandtrines. She has several blogs and is an avid re-blogger. She always comments back and, while she’s chosen to remain anonymous, is intent on giving back to the community and throwing a little astrology in there! You can find her blog right here, one of three.

I hope you find someone new to love too!

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