For day 6 of the challenge (which you can find right here) we are to name 6 sounds we love and/or hate. Since I always use a song or lyrics for my title, you can probably tell I’m a big music fan. My mother, most of the time to our chagrin, ensured we learnt about classical music and international music. My dad, a jazz musician, covered the enjoyable part. I remember listening to the big grand piano he brought from England and used to play for hours, laying on the couch next to him or the floor. I’m not sure he always knew I was there, but it’s a lovely memory. As always, I do like to be equitable so I’m going to list three of my favorite songs and three of my least favorite songs.

First my favorites:

Baby you’re all that I want, when you’re lying here in my arms
I’m finding it hard to believe, we’re in heaven~ DJ Sammy

I’ve mentioned before that Missy Elliot’s Get your freak on! is *our*song. As you can’t exactly dance to it, this is our other song. There is a story behind the Missy song (it’s in that article), but this song exemplifies the hubbs and I. It is a techno song, now called EDM, our favorite. The sentiment is lovely and it always evokes memories of all kinds of wonderful things. I am behind on the challenge, so today is June 12th, 2016. It is our twelfth wedding anniversary. This is a the song we walked back down the aisle together to. I’m glad we went down that aisle every day. I love you baby.

When I split from my ex-husband, this song became my anthem. She says it’s not the life I thought it would be, but I’ll be alright. I knew that was true. I was single and I had two small children. I was going back to school as an adult really and it was scary. It wasn’t the life I thought it would be either, but I knew it would be alright. Whenever things don’t feel alright, this song reminds me they will be.

Before I met the hubbs, when I was a single mom with two young children, I worked where I could work a flexible schedule,  go to school full-time, and care for my two kids. In Memphis, these jobs are on Beale Street or a strip club (I did both). This song was extremely popular when I worked at the nightclubs, which were fun times. It always takes me right back to Beale Street.

The three songs I like the least?

At the same time when I worked at the nightclubs, this song was also popular and the DJ played it, on the regular. I wanted to wear earplugs. If you don’t know why it’s so terrible, just give it a listen. Nuff said.

I LOVED the movie Titanic, like loved it! I saw it like 6 times in the theatre. Now, I have to mute it when this song comes on. I can’t take it. I know some people adore her. I think she has one of the most irritating voices on the the planet!

Don’t get me wrong, I love Green Day… but they played this song out so badly. This song, often called Time of Your Life is actually called Good Riddance. Exactly how I felt when they quit playing it, finally.

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