No vacation= Summertime sadness

For today’s part of the challenge, we are to come up with two goals for June. If you haven’t seen the challenge yet, you can find it here at the June 1-30 challenge. Do you want to learn to do something crazy? Ride an elephant? Swing on a trapeze? Or are there just a few projects that you would like to finish?

Personally, I’m sure many of you have seen the plugs of my awesome new venture with the lovely Lydia, Global Media Mavens. If you want to learn a bit more about us you can check out Global Media Mavens. We are a social media, website design, logo design, and marketing company. We’ve been working pretty hard the past few months and I would really love to see us get our first client, or two or three, this month! We are this theclose.

I’ve also been working on my PsyD and a book. The reason I began my blog was because I wanted to develop an online presence. Amazingly, someone told me the other day they thought I should write a book! I’m blown away and flattered. I know I haven’t used my skills to their fullest advantage on my website. When I started it, I spoke with someone who talked about how her blog had kind of grown organically and I liked that idea so I decided to see what would happen if I worked my writing in the same way. I am getting out there and I know if it is meant to be, it will be. I believe that, truly. I would really love to see my writing pick up steam and I would really love to get to 500 by the end of the month. Yes it’s wholly unrealistic, but that’s why its a goal right?

I would like to see Global get off the ground because my partner is awesome and I think we can make something awesome and amazing. I guess these are my two bits for June. The last bit isn’t so much a life goal, but maybe a necessity! I need a vacation something terrible. My little brother, whom I adore, but haven’t been able to see in quite a few years, is supposed to be coming to Memphis in July. I’m pretty excited. If I can’t get away, at least I can pretend a little.

It might not look exactly that gorgeous, but a pool is a pool! 

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