Daughters will love like you do. Girls become lovers who turn into mothers, so mothers be good to your daughters too..~John Mayer

Wouldn’t you know it, I found another challenge. I might be a little nutty, but who isn’t? In any case, if you’d like to learn more about this June 1-30 challenge (Yes, we’re a little behind, but I’m sure we can catch up!), go here and learn all about it. Since the pieces can be photo, or various other methods, including opinion (which I do, oh so well, right?) I thought why not!

For day 1 of the challenge, we are to share a piece of fatherly, or motherly, advice. I’m going to steal a little bit from my patron psychologist, Abraham Maslow. Maslow’s teachings, Humanistic Psychology, are largely to be self-aware. What does it mean to be self-actualized? It means that you see those traits, the things you may have gotten from mom or dad that you don’t care for and can change and you try to change them. It means that the traits you developed on your own that are abrasive, you try to change them. There’s a phrase I’ve heard a billion times and I’m sure you have too. People don’t change. This is, mostly, true. People don’t change, unless they make a concerted effort to do so. Change doesn’t happen. Good marriages don’t happen. Fantastic jobs don’t happen. I mean maybe sometimes, but most of the good things you want in life happen because you MAKE them happen.

For Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, check out I ❤ Maslow!!

This feeds into what I have been talking about with my mother the past few days. She basically ran from one man to another my entire life. To be fair, my mother was born directly after The Holocaust. My grandparents met in a work camp in Russia. My grandmother had two surviving brothers and my grandfather had one surviving sister from more than 10 siblings. When my mother was 3, they went to Israel and, when she was 9, they came to the United States, with nothing. Literally, nothing. The clothes on their backs, my grandparents, and her three brothers. You see this is why I forgive. This is why I go back. I like to play devil’s advocate. If I was in her position, who’s to say I would be any different? The only thing I can change is myself, every day.

That’s what I want for my children as well. Change. Be better than you were six months ago.

Be better than me.

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