Mother Nature can be a whore at times, Kurt, I gotta agree. The past few weeks, well the past few months it seems, have been incredibly rainy. I normally don’t mind a little rain, but this shit is ridiculous! I recently got the daith piercing, which I LOVE. It has been shown to help with migraine pain relief and it really has. I’ve had migraines since I was nine years old, which had gotten progressively worse with each child (I have three), and was having them almost constantly. The pain is not gone, but it is most definitely better!

It looks like this and here is one of many articles you can find about this subject now. I, for one, am a definite convert! 

In any case, I noticed this quote while working online the other day and I realize that I’ve felt very meh lately. Both my partner and myself are feeling the burn (I originally typed that as feeling the bern, take that branding!) of getting our new business off the ground, my son has been down with a migraine for almost a week (mostly because of this rain), and it just makes me feel blah, completely and totally blah. So, what is one to do when this feeling comes along? I would say, remember the beauty. They just opened the pool on our property the other day and, although we’ve not had a change to enjoy it yet, this is our favorite summer past time. I grew up with a pool and have always been an avid swimmer. My three children all love the pool and always have. In fact, I just gave my daughter the perfect decorative pillow. It says- Still kinda pissed I’m not a Mermaid. The beach is my happy place and, in talking to my girlfriend, I just realized how desperately I needed a break. Since that is not possible right this second, I’m going to take as much of a break as I can. I’m going to enjoy that pool and the beautiful weather whenever I can. I’m going to work and make this new business venture the awesome thing I know it can be. I’m going to get away, if not in body, than in spirit.

Won’t you enjoy some of the majesty of nature with me?


Wish I was there….. 

I can almost feel the sand. 


Glow created by bio-luminescent microorganisms. 

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