We had our ups and downs, all along the way. She had her chance to leave, but chose to stay. What a beautiful day~ Chris Cagle.

Aside: I hate country music. Always have, but the hubbs sent me this song on the computer to tell me how he felt about me when we first met, online (our story has become one of my most popular articles). It’s a sweet touching song about a lifetime love.

The IBMC challenge for day 4 (find it here) is the Hunt for a Haiku. You are given a choice of five haikus and must pick one and interpret it. Considering that my “thing” is forever vs disposable relationships, I thought this one was appropriate.

Haiku #4:

Love lasts for a while,
When the while is forever,
Forever looks a while.

For anyone who’s been reading my stuff for a while, you probably have heard me talk about having a forever relationship in a disposable relationship society. What does having a forever relationship mean? It means that you are both committed to being there for each other and with each other, even when things are bad, even when they are downright terrible. A forever might last a while, but I would rather it be a long while then to throw away a wonderful relationship because things got bad. Does that mean that every single relationship should be a forever relationship? No of course not. But, when you find that one, and you’re ready to enter into a marriage, or a relationship where you bring children into the world, it isn’t about you anymore. It’s about the both of you, or the three or four of you. It’s about being willing to put their needs above yours if need be, but it is also about THEM being willing to put YOUR needs above theirs.

A friend asked me one day, what if you’re in a forever relationship but your partner isn’t. Then it isn’t a forever relationship. Both parties have to feel the same, both parties have to be willing to overcome, and both parties have to hae decided they’re in it, no matter what. You can’t force your SO (significant other) to want what you want in your relationship, but you can decide that you won’t settle for a relationship where your SO is NOT in it forever. It also means that you both realize everything isn’t champagne and roses, but that’s also part of a relationship. It means that no matter what comes at you, you’re going to knock down those obstacles together.

Which is great, because I still need helping opening those pickle jars! (heehee)

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