Backstory: The hubbs tricked me into saying I love you first by “singing” random love lyrics from this song to me online. 

Today, the challenge is randomness. It’s a toughie, but here goes (find it here), 10 sentences of randomness.

The hubbs had customers ask him tonight about psychology so he directed them here. I have told him I have talked about ever facet of our sex/love lives. Is this to brag? Got the daith piercing, for migraine. It is awesome! My ADHD son actually let me catch up on the entire season of The Mindy Project today. He’s becoming a real little Karate Kid. I’m gonna be a grandma, Bubbe – yiddush for grandma. I still don’t think it has sunk in completely. How did I get so lucky? Beautiful, loving, smart, caring, and all-over amazing kids! Great hubbs. New company starting.

Good stuff!