My wedding day mantra. Today was Day 2 of the IBMC Challenge, Freeze a Foto. You can find it here. I think photos should remind you of a wonderful day or time and  should invoke a powerful memory. One of the most powerful memories I have is my wedding day.

This is what it looked like on the day the hubbs and I got married. My 22 and 20 year old were around 6 and 8. It’s one of the four best days of my life (giving birth to my kids being the other three, natch!). For two weeks before and two weeks after the day of our wedding it rained. I was a hot mess. I recently thought of this story so I thought it would be perfect for this challenge. I made this my wedding mantra. I literally walked down to aisle to it! We were getting married outside at the Grant Park Rose Gardens (where Buckingham fountain is, it’s in the opening of Married with Children). In any case, it was an outdoor wedding, we had already changed our reception venue days before, and it was pouring. My awesome fiance was trying to talk me down off my ledge, even telling me he knew it would be okay because his aunt was lighting a candle.Pretty funny considering he’s agnostic. Miraculously, the day of our wedding turned out to be so nice that a couple of my bridesmaids got a little red! It was an absolutely gorgeous day and it always brings me awesome memories.

Try topping that backdrop baby!