Part of self-actualization is coming to terms with whom you are. I am a bitch. I mean not all the time, but I sure can be if I need to be. Works great usually because when the hubbs gets irritated with something he brings in the heavy (that’s me). I’m okay with being a scapegoat. I know that he doesn’t want people to see him as a dick, even if he bitches to me about them (co-workers, etc). The hubbs is a people pleaser. I’ll please you until I realize they cannot be pleased. The bitch comes out.

And I’m okay with that. (Hands down one of my favorite memes! lol) 

(only 4 words over woohoo!!)

Day 1 of the IBMC challenge. Find it here-Day 1 IBMC challenge

Btw I chose #3. I am and so I am.