They don’t call it a happy trail for nothing (excuse me while I wipe some drool). Don’t worry guys, I didn’t forget you!!

As the A to Z Challenge comes to a close, I have mixed feelings. It was so much fun and I loved it. I loved seeing everyone else’s amazing A-Z posts as well and I’m sorry it’s ending (I’m sure next year will be here before we know it!). At the same time, I’m kind of pleased to be able to go back to writing whatever strikes me that day.

For Z, I decided to to Zipper. Not to talk only about zippers, though, do not fear! I wanted to isolate the lowly zipper to remind us to find enjoyment in the little things.When you’ve been in a couple for a while, sex might start less with an urgent need to rid yourself of clothing and more with you mostly already undressed in bed. It’s one reason why role-play is so popular, I personally believe. We miss the excitement of divesting ourselves of each other’s clothes.

So, next time you’re hopping into bed, don’t get right in. Grab your SO (significant other) as they’re hopping out of the shower to add some sexiness without clothing required. Maybe just grab them as they walk into the bedroom for the night. Do it before you’re both undressed. Remember how fun and sexy that is and use it to your advantage. Don’t forget to wait until you’ve turned your crock-pot on (I’ve used the analogy before, if you don’t get it, ask! 🙂 ) The other night, when we had some time after dinner, before bedtime, the hubbs grabbed me as I walked into the bedroom, locked the door, and went right for me. It’s incredibly sexy to know someone wants you that badly. It’s even sexier when they still want you that badly after 15 years.

Enjoy every last zipper and button to the fullest! Neither of you will be sorry.

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