I’ve mentioned previously, and probably multiple times, that the Hubbs and I are fans of Pornography. We like watching it together for a thrill, it’s exciting. We like laughing at the terrible acting. We particularly like this guy who calls himself Public Agent and he basically walks up to women on the street, offers them money to see their boobs, and somehow always ends up fucking them. *smh* In any case, does he watch it alone sometimes too? I’m sure he does. Men are visual creatures. If your SO does watch porn, don’t automatically assume it means he doesn’t want you. Perhaps, he just wants a little visual help while he’s masturbating. Personally, the Hubbs and I are quite open about masturbation. It happens. I should happen. You should enjoy it and do it often! But I digress….

Why indeed Will?? I certainly have never thought this. Now, many women’s problem with pornography is this (picture below): They, wrongly, believe that men want a woman screaming her head off, making huge, loud sex noises the entire time. Now everyone enjoys a little encouragement, but just because you see this on pornography, doesn’t mean you have to do it and trust me, he doesn’t expect you to either.

I’m not saying this isn’t true, but sometimes a little fantasy is fun. Why do you think couples go out and “swing” or maybe play dress up? I’ve talked before about one of my best girlfriends and her husband’s love of costume. People want variety, something different. When I was a dancer, I used to have a couple come see me all the time. I never danced for the husband, because it was the wife that was enamored with me. They could safely enjoy another woman, without anyone becoming jealous. At its core, this is what pornography should be. There’s a movie with Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who I have a monster crush on, another aside), called Don Jon. It’s about his pornography obsession basically. Even when having a woman over, once she falls asleep, he gets online to watch porn. This is a point where I would be concerned. If your SO is going down this road, you have reason to be distressed or uneasy and it may require a (probably uncomfortable and difficult) conversation.

That being said, check out PublicAgent with your SO (significant other) on PornHub sometime. The laugh factor alone is worth it!