Since I’ve been talking about sex all month, I’m going to take a break and talk about partnerships. After all, all great relationships are partnerships. My 11-year-old son is homeschooled and he has ADHD. After he cried on the couch for the third time last year that he was stupid, we decided school was what was stupid! It was stupid for making my smart, but slightly different, baby FEEL stupid!! The hubbs loves history and sports. We both enjoy and are good at math, but I have a difficult time explaining it to people. My brain just works differently than most in math, so the hubbs does math. On the other hand, science and English and arts/music/etc are MY forte. It is a perfect match for schooling.

And that’s how most of our relationship is honestly. I know, kinda disgusting isn’t it. I’ve often said the hubbs is the other half of my whole. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not looking to a man to complete me, I’m already complete. But he compliments me in each and every way and that is what is so important. He loves history, video games, and The Cubs.

Aside, hands down the best thing about Chicago Cubs fans: Their eternal optimism that they Cubs ARE going to win THIS year, REALLY!Β 

I love reading, science, and psychology with a burning passion. I don’t think the hubbs has cracked a book since we met (except maybe if I left one in the loo lol), but we both have lots of common interests as well. I love indie movies and chick flicks and after 15 years, I see no reason to force the hubbs to watch them with me. He and the lilΒ bit love Star Wars, which (sorry, Star Wars fans) I despise! There are tv shows we love to watch together and most nights after work, we’ll snuggle up for a couple of hours and watch some shows or a movie. We’re both big fans of music and pretty much have the same taste in most of the music we listen to and, of course, we both rather enjoy sex!

No one wants to see one of those couples with one mind. I mean, really, get your own thoughts! I’ve mentioned before how the hubbs tends to voice thoughts seconds after I have them and we’ve even answered questions directly before the other was going to ask it. It’s weird and eerie, but we aren’t one brained, we’re forever. Forever means your SO (significant other) can say hey I’m stopping here and you can say, “you know what I like.” Forever means you can have separate interests, but you know your common interests will always bring you back together. Forever means that even when issues arise, like the hubbs irrational thinking that Trump could be anything but terrible for America, I know I can think he’s insane but still love the hell out of him.

Are you in it forever? We are.