I was trying to decide between Talking Dirty and Tantric Sex, but I went with Dirty Talk because a friend of mine said, I just can’t do that! I think a lot of people can feel intimidated by the thought and idea of talking dirty. Talking Dirty isn’t necessarily just during sex or in bed. Talking Dirty can be fun all the time. Double entendres can be especially fun if you are in a playful kind of mood. I love the little panda memes, and there we quite a few funny ones to choose from, but going up to your SO and whetting their appetite for you later is a fun way to spice up your sex life with some dirty tallk.

Other fun things are the phrases that might be considered naughtier, like suck my cock. It’s especially fun when it’s out of character for your SO (significant other), as is often the case with the hubbs, who’s a laconical kind of guy. He gets this adorable little smile when he says something naughty that I so love.

DOs and DONTs:

DO take something somewhat naughty and make it naughtier. Example: What do you want for dinner babe? I was thinking of having a wiener. Yeah, it might sound silly out of context, but when joking with your SO hours before you are home in bed, it can really turn your crock-pot on (I’ve used this analogy before. If you missed it, men are like microwaves and women are like crockpots. You have to turn them on early to be ready at night.

DONT say the same thing over and over. You don’t need a list of phrases, but you should mix it up a bit.

DO use dirty talk liberally, if your partner enjoys it. Not all women will.

DONT use dirty talk if it makes your partner uncomfortable. As with all things sex, communicate, communicate, communicate.

DO relax. Nobody wants a porn star, well maybe some people do, but I don’t want them.