Sometimes, especially when you have children, you might get a few minutes in between the dinosaur nuggets getting ready and the Disney movie being over. There aren’t much better ways to kill 15 minutes. The lowly quickie can get a bad rap. If it is replacing a full sexual experience completely, then it can be detrimental to a relationship. However, if quickies are being used, as they should be, to enhance your sexual experience.

Not to mention that it can be kind of hot to know that your SO (significant other) wants you so badly they have to have you right then. Their need for you is so overwhelming that it is overriding their other needs. So, next time your SO gets a little frisky, let them. The nuggets might be a little crispy, but that’s not the end of the world. In marriage, especially, it’s important to remember that you are attracted to each other. When you have children, it is especially important to remember there was a reason you had kids in the first place. You decided (hopefully) that this person was important to you. You wanted to spend your life with them.

Scheduling sex is a subject that has been bashed from side to side. Maybe it’s good, maybe it isn’t. I know it’s not my bag. But, I also know when the dinner is cooking and the kids are watching tv, mommy and daddy might slip away from a minute, or five. When we come back, we’re gonna be a LOT happier (thank you adrenaline high) and ready to come back to life.