I don’t usually post twice in a day but being that it is 4/20, the national stoner holiday around the globe, and HumpDay (Wednesday) as well. I thought I would post a couple of fun links for the day!

Happy Humping and a Merry 4/20 New Year!!


In keeping with my theme for the A to Z blogging challenge, what better reason do you need? Cannabis Users have more orgasms! Fact!

Joking. Seriously though, I started working at this Cigar/Smoke Shoppe/Head Shoppe, and it’s an awesome place, but no ones knows what it is! I’m really struggling here. It’s 4/20. We should have people coming in and out all day. If you are in or around Memphis, help me get the word out guys! I’m trying to work on my degree, while I work here, but I’m spending so much time trying to market without much support. Anyhow, that’d be great!!

Where did 4/20 come from? ReadΒ this.Β It’s kinda interesting!