I was really torn with L because I love all of these things. I figure that it doesn’t really matter if I do them all, so that’s what I’m doing!

Lips are inviting. Seeing a woman lick her lips can travel right down to the fun zone (right guys?!? and gals?!?!?) Personally, the hubbs has these wonderful full lips and a smile with a naughty little tilt that I particularly love. When I see it, it can mean various things. He could be feeling naughty and give me that smile, then say something dirty. His lips invite me to kiss them.

Lust: When we first start dating someone we feel lust for them. Sometime down the road, that might turn into love. For now, we just think they’re sexy. The hubbs and I met online, playing canasta. I was playing with an online friend in Atlanta. She said oh this other friend of mine just “came in the room,” he’s really sexy, you should meet him! I checked his picture out, totally agree, and the rest, as they say, is history. A three-month online courtship ensued. We were going to meet after nine months. The more we talked, the shorter that span of time became. After three months, I traveled from Memphis, TN to Spokane, Washington, where I met the love of my life in person for the first time. We got about a mile from the airport before we had to pull over and have sex. Yes, we had just met in person, but three MONTHS of foreplay was killing us. And I don’t regret a single lust-filled second.Ā 

Before my trip to Washington, the hubbs sent me a care package. In it, he included some pictures, a stuffed dog sprayed with the cologne he used to wear (I prefer his natural scent, pheromones are a real thing), and a Ring Pop. He said in the letter he sent, the Ring Pop would be a placeholder until he could get me a real ring. We had already set a wedding date, tentatively. I know crazy right? But an online relationship can be surprisingly intense. The first night I was there, on the way back from the club, I was driving. Missy Elliot’s Get Your Freak On came on and I freaking love that song. As I was singing it, I looked over at the hubbs. He says he could see the love in my eyes at that moment and Get Your Freak On became our song. Maybe isn’t a little odd, but that’s us. We’ve had our trials like everyone in a long-term relationship, but we are in this together.

That’s a forever relationship.