Back in the times of Michelangelo, women were curvy and it was considered beautiful. Only with the arrival of Twiggy, in the 1960, did this picture really change for modern society. As a woman that has had three kids, I can tell you, your body just will never be the same again. I try to remind myself I made three people so don’t be so hard on myself.


My mother is fond of repeating a line said by model Kate Moss, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” Body conscious issues have led to higher teenage anorexia in males and females, along with body dysmorphia and “cutting.” I always try to be sure to tell my beautiful daughter all the time how beautiful she is. It’s not something I heard growing up and I don’t want her to ever feel that way. But I digress….

A common concern with say woman on top position is many women are so self-conscious they cannot enjoy themselves. Maybe you’re concerned that your SO (significant other) is not enjoying what he is looking at, but let me assure you that’s in your head. Most likely, s/he is enjoying the view of watching your jiggly bits jiggle. When you really think about the human body, it is an odd thing to be attracted to, but that’s how we are made. Since I have had medical issues with multiple surgeries, I have not been able to lose the bulk of my pregnancy weight from my third child, 11 years ago. The result is me not being happy with my body. One day, while lamenting my extra skin, or stretch marks, or who knows what, the hubbsΒ told me this: Every time you complain about your body, it’s like you’re telling me I made a bad choice and I love you so I love your body. I was actually making HIM feel bad by putting myself down. I had never really thought of it that way. It was a revelation for me. Are there still things I don’t like? Sure. But, I remind myself that he chose me and he doesn’t make bad choices.

Jiggle away!