Some of you may remember (if you don’t go here) that I applied to manage a tobacco store about six months ago. He wanted someone knowledgeable about cigars so I studied up to impress him with my knowledge. Then, his partner decided not to purchase the business he was going to, so they didn’t need me. Bumma. Well, last Thursday, I went into that store to purchase something and he said Hey! I was just talking about you! I just bought a new location and I would like you to run it! The next day he had me come and meet his other partner at the new location. The day after that, I started working!

I had to put the studying of my doctorate on hold until after the summer, various personal reasons, so this was just perfect! He’s talking about purchasing other stores when this one starts to turn a profit (before I went back to school for psychology, I spent 5 years doing sales and marketing) and having me oversee them! Pretty cool opportunity has just dropped in my lap. If you live in Memphis, or are ever passing through, be sure to come see me at Macon Vapor and Cigar smoke accessories! We’re tossing around names to change the store name to….. Some of the frontrunners: Puzzles? Astral Plan Smoke Shoppe and Accessories (with the tagline: We’re out of this world!). Peace, Love, and Vape. If anyone has a cute idea, please do share!

Onto another subject>Right before the A to Z Challenge I told the story of an extremely bad ER experience. You can find the story in Stuck in Reverse parts 12, and 3 and Pour some knowledge on me. Well, the hospital is definitely putting me on the schedule. They said they think my story is exactly what the doctors need to hear about invisible illness!I might even be able to talk at other hospitals in the area as well. It’s extremely exciting. I feel like if even just one person hears me, really hears me, it will be well worth it!

Blessed be one and all! Happy Sunday!!