One of my very favorite subjects today! I believe, as does the hubbs, that oral sex should be used often and liberally. When I first met the hubbs, he was not a fan of the mighty blow job. You see, he has Peyronie’s disease (it sounds bad but it’s not!). It’s caused by scar tissue building in the penis, causing it to have a curve. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the curve! In truth, he didn’t dislike fellatio. Rather, no one had bothered to learn how to handle his special penis. Naturally, I made it my mission to learn! I hear some of you saying it already: That’s crazy talk! You had an easy out! But I didn’t want the out and you shouldn’t either. I want to look up and see the pleasure on my SO (significant other’s) face. I love how he caresses my hair. It’s even inspired a post or two (see:Howโ€™s the view?)


If you have a man with a bit of shape to his penis, care for it. You will reap the benefits. There are some definite DOs and DONTs:

DO enjoy yourself.

DON’T be a porn star. You don’t have to get down to the base (deep-throat) especially if your SO has a larger penis. The most sensitive part of the penis is the underside of the head, or the glans penis.

DO ask questions. Wetter? Slower? More/less fill in the blank?

DON’T think they are watching you with anything but appreciation and adoration.

DO use your hands. Grip his penis by the base (gently) move along with your mouth. Use lube or spit to not hurt this sensitive skin.

DON’T look at it as a job. I really do hate the word blow job. It implies work and giving pleasure to your partner should never be looked at as work.

DO change it up from time to time. Vary positions, give his balls a little love, and use only your hands for a bit (lockjaw is real and it’s not fun! lol).

DON’T forget to look at your partner at times, even if for no other reason so that you can see the ecstasyย on their face. I don’t know about you, but that’s pretty much the best part for me. The hubbs is usually fairly quiet in the way of sex sounds, except during fellatio.

Hearing and seeing their enjoyment should be all the encouragement you need! But for laughs……..