Erogenous zones are areas of the body that contain a larger than average number of nerve endings, leading to heightened sensitivity. Stimulate these zones and they will generate sexual arousal and even orgasm. Found all over the human body, the sensitivity of each area depends on the concentration of nerve endings to be stimulated.

Naturally, sexual organs become engorged upon sexual excitement, but there are many more areas that often get forgotten. Gentle arousal can happen when the eyebrows, eyelids, temples, hands/arms, and hair are touched. Think of how nice it feels when your SO (significant other) kisses your forehead. Non-specific zones are parts of the body not readily associated with sexual organs. These are areas like the sides and back of the neck, inner arms, axillae (armpits), and the stomach (especially the navel). Specific zones are more directly linked to sexual activity. These areas include the lips and nipples.

For the ladies: A word on men’s nipples. Some men enjoy it very much and some do not. Just ask! Also, while the entire penis is sensitive, the glands penis, or underside of the head, is the most sensitive area because it contains the most nerve endings.

For women, the clitoris, vulva (outside of the vagina)and surrounding perianal skin (around the anus) are all jam packed with loads of nerve endings, as with the first 1/3rd of the vaginal wall. The G-spot is in this area. Along the first third of your vagina on the upper wall, stroke that spot and you’ve found it!

But, I think Monica, from Friends, puts it best:

From Head to Toe:

  • Mouth and lips
  • Scalp-massage can be relaxing and stimulating
  • Neck-back, front over trachea, around the back
  • Ears-whisper or breathe softly into them or nipple on an earlobe.
  • Nipples- extremely sensitive in women, varies from man to man. Also, larger breasts will need more stimulation. Stimulates the production of oxytocin and prolactin which can have a significant effect on the genitals in both sexes.
  • Abdomen and genitals- I’m guessing this one needs no explanation!
  • Tailbone-believe it or not! at the base of the spine, near the anus
  • Arms-especially the inner arms where the skin is softer/thinner.
  • Axillae (most commonly referred to as armpits)-Humans secrete pheremones all over! Especially in sweat. Making this an unlikely fun zone.
  • Fingertips- the second most sensitive part of the body-after the tongue.
  • Thighs- being so close to your naughty bits, this area will cause a thrill.
  • Feet and toes- there’s a reason this is a popular fetish!

Now, go find your favorite zones!!