Boy do I love me some Gwen Stephani. No, sorry, this isn’t going to be about her and her breakup with husband Gavin Rossdale or new relationship with BLAKE SHELTON?? (Ok, that one seriously throws me for a loopsy) I am super psyched to do this challenge for my first year ever. Apparently, its a pretty big deal around here so, I spent some time coming up with my writing schedule for the A to Z challenge. I thought I would share it with you guys. If anyone knows of something they would be interested in that did not make the list, don’t hesitate to tell me! Some letters have multiple subjects, only because I just couldn’t choose which one yet! As you may remember, the theme is sex. Without further ado…..

A is for Aphrodisiac

B is for Bisexuality or Bondage

C is for Cunnilingus

D is for Domination or Dancing with myself (masturbation)

E is for Erogenous Zones

F is for Fellatio

G is for G-Spot

H is for Hand Job

I is for Intimacy

J is for Jolly Roger (the lovely penis)

K is for Kinks

L is for Lips, Love, or Lust

M is for Mold-a-Willy (sex toys) or Masturbation

N is for Naughty

O is for Orgasm

P is for Prostitution (sex workers and the oldest profession)

Q is for Quickie

R is for Risque

S is for Slut-Shaming or Sexual Power

T is for Talking dirty, Teasing, or Tempting

U is for Underwear (not tightly whities, lingerie, etc)

V is for Venus, Vibrator, or Vagina

W is for Whipped Cream (food and sex) or Was it good for you? (partner pleasure)

X is for X-Rated (XXX, Pornography)

Y is for Yen (desire/fantasy)

Z is for Zipper


I hope you all enjoy my choices and are looking as forward to reading them as I am looking forward to writing them!!

Happy Humping!


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