I’m pretty excited to participate with a whole lot of new folks in the A to Z challenge. Apparently, it’s a pretty big deal around here! I just hope I can remember it every day. So, today is the day we are supposed to reveal our theme. I’ve been talking a lot about my thesis lately, but I originally started this jig to enhance my role as a future sex/marriage therapist. Because of this, I’m going back to my roots. My theme will be sex. Boy, I imagine X and Z are going to be a for real challenge.

I love the idea and if you haven’t heard about it and would like to participate be sure to goΒ hereΒ and follow their instructions. Put the challenge badge on your page, add your name to the list, and go meet a few new people. I’m headed over right now myself! Good luck one and all.

Happy Humping!

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