Not like online on, like playing games on yahoo. I had been divorced for about 3 1/2 years. When I got divorced, I swore that I would NEVER get married again. I swore it loud, I swore it often, and I swore it with every single guy I dated. I had broken up with someone a few months before, someone that I really cared about and it hurt me.I was about to head out of town for a family function in California. It was beyond unexpected that this is when I would meet the love of my life.

I was playing canasta in Yahoo games with a friend of mine. I had realized a few years before, when I was even more computer illiterate than I am now, I could go to this poker game room. No one had to teach me how to play poker. Then, I realized the people in these rooms came back again and again, and they became friends. They became my friends. Friends I had never met and likely I never would meet many of them, but close in an odd sort of way. One of these friends taught me canasta. As we were in the canasta game room, a friend of my friend’s came into the room. She said basically, oh this friend of mine came in. He’s really hot and I think you guys would hit it off. You should talk to him. I checked out his picture and agreed with her assessment, so I messaged him.

He was living in Spokane, Washington. After leaving the Air Force, the hubbs was offered a job by his former Force-mate and he took it. He had just been divorced as well a few years previously. We began to talk and I explained I was going on a family trip and when I would return. A few hours later, I went to bed, and left in the morning. The following week, I had mentioned to Woody (the hubbs sn= screen name) when I would be returning and approximately when I would get online to check email and such. He was waiting for me to get online so that he could ask me how my trip was. It was so sweet and thoughtful. I was surprised, happily. We talked and planned and in December, about a month after we met, he sent me a Ring Pop. It had a note with it saying that it was until he could afford to get me a real ring. I was hooked. We were, famously in “our” game room, known as peas and carrots. In sync and we completed each other.

In January, I traveled to Washington, to meet my love. In February, he moved to Memphis, Tennessee so I could finish my bachelor’s degree in the city I was in. The rest, as they say, is history. Almost fifteen years later, he’s one of the best guys I know. He adores my children from my previous marriage. He’s a wonderful father. He’s a great husband. And I’m forever grateful that I took that leap. The amount of times we think the same thing at the same time is frankly a little crazy. Always be ready to expect the unexpected, just like the very best things in life.

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