I dunno if any of you have noticed, but most of my posts have something to do with music, in name or a lyric, in the title. In any case, my daughter (20 years old) often reads what I write, which is almost to cool to put into words, was bummed when I told her’d I’d stopped using song lyrics and titles in my article names. When a 20 year old, much less one related to you, starts to read your stuff, that’s pretty cool. So, I figured it was time to put the music back into play!

When the hubbs and I first met, like for read in person, it was almost three months after we actually “met” since we met online. One our way back from a club, the fist weekend we were really together, this song came on….

As I drove back to the hubbs place, who of course was the boyfriend at the time, this came on. Now, I love me some Missy Elliot and I love this song, but the hubbs told me, it was the first time I looked at him and he could tell I loved him. Cue: the awww’s. Like I said, he has his moments………

Music has always had a place near and dear to me. My dad used to play for hours on his grand piano. I remember sitting (laying) listening to him play when I was younger. My older sister played jazz shows, one singing commercial jingles and the other has written a play being performed off Broadway right now. That’s pretty cool. My brother has toured with The Who and produced music in LA. Okay, bragging over. Basically music has always been important to my family. The amazing thing about music is that it has a place to everyone and everywhere.

Sometimes people laugh that “our song” is Get Your Freak On (Missy Elliot) but, telling me that you could see the love in my eyes is a good enough reason to love a song for me! That didn’t stop me from using Beth Hart’s My Favorite Things for our first dance. What can I say, I couldn’t picture a sweet, slow dance to Missy…..

The song is ACTUALLY called “My Favorite Things” By Beth Hart. It’s a jem and so is she! Besides, loving you (him) is one of my favorite things.

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