Since I’ve been blessed with so many new followers, I thought a reminder of what I am about might be nice. I do love Maslow and I definitely hope you are enjoying my journey with me as much as I am. Blessed be one and all and Happy Hump Day!!

The Self-Actualized Life

As I wrote about strip-tease, it all felt so familiar. After I posted (natch!), I realized why….. see: I’m too sexy…I had just written a similar post about two weeks ago. Apparently, even I can run out of things to talk about in regards to sex. Who knew! So I began to think, why did I start this jazz? What made me decide I could (was worthy) of giving advice (although much of the time, I feel I’m just relaying my own experience)? My answer: I love psychology. I love the human mind. I love those glimpses into someone’s soul. If Mark Cuban can diversify, so shall I. I am not one dimensional, so neither should my writing be.

I’ve been tossing around other ideas for the name of this blog. Since I adore Abraham Maslow and pretty much everything he stands for, these are my thoughts. I have discussed…

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