Did mom or dad have a new boyfriend or girlfriend when you were younger? Did they try to curry favour by kissing up to you? Of course! The way to a mom’s heart (or dad’s) is through the kids. That’s why being a good parent is so sexy to your partner. It may seem like a strange thing to find sexy, but it’s really not.

The hubbs and I do this thing where I say tell me something sweet and he will tell me something that will make me feel good. Since the birth of our son, a common answer from him is, you’re a great mom. It means a lot to me that he thinks I’m a great mom and that he sees all the extra things I do for our family. Why is that sexy, though?

When the hubbs sees me sharing my time, attention, energy, and love to his offspring, it creates loving feelings from him toward me. He has always been an amazing step-dad to my older children, now 20 and 22. He knew that my kids notย accepting him was a non-starter for me. If whomever I was with didn’t love and accept them as much as they loved and accepted me, the relationship would have been dead in the water. Sadly, this isn’t always the case with some parents, but with me it definitely was. There was no way I could be with anyone who didn’t show me my kids were as important to them as I was, and he did in spades.

Just like seeing me love his child (our child) makes him feel more loving toward me, the opposite is also true. Seeing him share his love, time, and attention with my older two, his step-children, has always been very sexy for me. It shows me that he isn’t in this relationship for just me, or for just himself for that matter. We’re in this together. We’re woven. Our lives, our loves, everything.

And that is crazy sexy!

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