There is a disturbing new trend in our household. I’ve mentioned before how I will have a thought (and not say it out loud) and seconds later the hubbs will say it out loud. It’s pretty eerie. Now we have begun a disturbing new trend. I am answering questions moments before he was going to ask it, or he answers my unasked questions. It’s like we already know the direction a discussion is going to take before it even goes there. How did that happen? By defying is disturbing old trend (maybe even current trend), we gave our relationship time.

So many times, we don’t give enough time for the lust to turn into love. When a relationship begins and it is in its new stages, there is plenty of lust to go around. I was reading an article the other day about the surgence of open relationships, conscious non-monogamy. I am not saying that this could not be a viable option for some people, but I am saying if we didn’t spend so much time looking for something new, then it would be easier to enjoy the old. Old doesn’t mean bad.

Think of your favorite old t-shirt. Does it have less value because you’ve had it a long time? It probably contains memories and thoughts of all the times you wore it, who you were with and what you did. It contains happiness and sadness and laughter and pain. All of that makes it more valuable to you no doubt. Why shouldn’t your relationship have more value when you put in more time? I would rather reap the benefit I’ve sown from the time and effort I’ve put into my relationship.

That old t-shirt won’t last forever, but love can.

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