Since I’ve decided to make a proper go of freelancing, I got my own little laptop just for writing. It’s the first computer I’ve had that’s truly my own and I’m feeling a pretty psyched about that! We’ve been running around all day and I’m pretty beat but I wanted to drop a little note.

I was having a thought last night, after a kind of lazy family day, how enjoyable that unremarkable day had been. Today was a fun and remarkable day, but yesterday was just as great. We were lazy most of the day. As the little man is homeschooled, he an do his schooling whenever. So, after some school, we ran a few errands, got some groceries, and came home to have a little meal and watch a movie. The little man went to bed and the hubbs and I enjoyed some television and relaxation until bedtime. It was a fantastic and unremarkable day.

When you’re young, every day has to be remarkable. In the words of one of the hubbs favorite television characters, Barney Stinson (from HIMYM), Legen-waitforit-dary! As you’ve been with someone a while, you realize that even the unremarkable days can be remarkable because you’re together and that’s all you need, each other.

Find the remarkable in the unremarkable. You can thank me later.

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