I was reading something the other day where the author waxed philosophical about the perfect relationship. Basically, he felt the perfect relationship was where each person had their own little hobbies, they enjoy coming together to relax and watch TV, they both worked and enjoyed a bit of a separate life, and took care of the family together. I gotta admit, that sounds pretty great to me. Lucky for me, its pretty much the relationship I have with the hubbs.

I’ve often said that a perfect relationship is where you’re on the same proverbial page at the same time. I was in relationships where I wanted more, but the other person wasn’t ready. I’ve been in relationships where my partner wanted more, but I wasn’t ready for that. The hubbs and I were always on the same page. We always wanted the same things at the same time. It was one of the first things that drew me so deeply into this relationship. I knew if we wanted the same things then we were in sync and ready for what we both wanted.

Best of all, we have always found ourselves at this intersection of perfection. I’ve heard people say sometimes they don’t want to be best friends with their spouse. Usually the reasoning is you don’t do dirty stuff with a best friend, but I disagree. Not only is he my best friend, but he is the person I want to share my day with at the end of it. He’s the person I want to go to sleep next to at night and the person I don’t want to just sleep next to as well. I contend if you find that person who meets you at the perfect place, that place in between love, sex, and friendship, only great things can happen. They’ll happen for the both of you and you’ll love every minute of it!

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