Wow, this is so cool! Helen at This thing called life one word at a time actually used me for a favorite new blog that she, wait for it, fell in love with!! Omigosh. I’m so psyched. A few months ago, a wife of a friend sent me a message on Facebook. She kinda manages their page for him (sounds like the hubbs!). She said that my posts had inspired her (this is my personal Facebook page by the way) to have a better relationship with her husband. Every once in a while I get a comment (or whole blog!) from people at it confirms for me that I’m doing the right thing. I know this is what I was born to do and boy is that a great feeling.

When I had my 11 year old, after the pelvis surgery to repair that damage, before I had back surgery, my doctor sat me down and had a conversation with me. He told me, gently, but devastatingly, that I would never be able to complete medical rotations. I couldn’t lift patients, a requirement in residency, and I couldn’t qualify as disabled. So, I sat down and decided what was I going to do with the rest of my life. You see I was thisclose to entering physician assistant school and I was going to do pediatric ER (emergency medicine). Lots of people over the years said to me, I could never do that, and its true… everyone in medicine has their own calling. That’s the great thing about medicine. Peds ER was mine. I thought and thought about what I would do. I still wanted to be in medicine in some way and my undergraduate degree was health science and sociology, so psychology wasn’t really that big of a leap. Then I fell in love. The human mind is amazing, entertaining, interesting, and unknown in many ways. Maybe I made a pit stop along the way, but I’m thrilled I did.

People tell me literally everything, but they know I’m a vault, probably is what leads to the telling me things. I love it. It kinda makes me realize that all this pain, all these trials, they were worth it!

Blessed be!