This online thing. It can be pretty weird sometimes. Like, I sit here and talk about my life, my family, and yet you don’t really know me. Since I’m ancient and have been around since pre-historic chat room times, I was raised on an anonymous computer situation. Because of that, I don’t often put in pictures of my family and I even more rarely say a name. For this one time, I’m going to break my golden rule.

I am Anna. I was named for my grandmothers, both killed in the Holocaust. My grandparents met in a work camp in Russia during World War 2. It is a Hebrew name, natch, and it means favor or grace. Neither of which traits, not surprisingly, I do not tend to portray. Go figure, but they got it right

Nail. Head.

And, just cuz its kinda cool…

Anna kanji name

I look forward to meeting you all!

@drruth2point0- twitter

Anna DrRuth ForToday- facebook

linusbaby1998- tumblr (an homage to a very very old screen name lol)

Anna Levenson-Pintrest