Love it or hate it, you have an opinion on South Park one way or the other! Personally, I believe South Park to have contributed to the degradation of society in general. The hubbs loves it. I can’t believe I love this man! I can’t begrudge him, I’m sure there are things he just doesn’t believe that I don’t love. Just goes to show you, you don’t have to love the same things to be a great couple.

One of my best girlfriends loves to garden. I mean she’s would totally trample Martha Stewart. Sitting in that yard in the summertime, with the (I shit you not) koi pond waterfall gently falling, having a smoke, you seriously think you’re in heaven. I’ve never seen her husband in the garden, not once, to actually garden. Maybe ONCE for like three seconds to say hello. He loves to work on cars and golf. Lori will not be found under a car. Sorry, not gonna happen. She’s gone golfing a few times, but usually she’d just as soon stay in her garden. Who can blame her? They are a great couple. I’ve written about them before, but they seriously make me jealous.

So, can he hate South Park and I still believe it has led to the degradation of modern society? Hell yeah! Sidebar: This is how I had referred to South Park years before I met the hubbs. He gets jokes I don’t. Oh well. I don’t feel like I’m missing out. Besides, who wants to be in a couple with one brain. Seriously those folks are crazy annoying. It can work if you are different. I think it works better when you are a little different. My son has just gotten married to someone who had a different upbringing than he did, is from a different culture, introducing him to new things and I think how lucky he is! I’m excited for him to expand his world view.

As far as the hubbs and myself, our first date was to a hockey game.Backstory- I’m not a “sports” gal. I didn’t play them and I didn’t date jocks. I danced and took tae kwon do. Not exactly the cool stuff. I loved it. I had never been to a hockey game. It was so neat because I immediately knew he would take me out of my comfort zone and that I wanted more of that.

Be different- Don’t worry- We need more of that. And here’s to hoping I never have to use Cartman in a tag again….

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