Little hellions kids feeling rebellious embarrassed, their parents still listen to Elvis~Eminem. Yes, I know, they’re two different songs. But they’re both questions I’m going to answer. Is there a good kind of embarrassed for your kids? There is! The hubbs loves to smack my ass. I’m not sure why. Sometimes its just a little hey here’s looking at you kid tap on the tush. Sometimes its sexy or fun. Sometimes, I just wanna smack your booty, and I wanna do it hard to hear it reverberate. They all make me smile, so I really don’t care which one he’s in the mood for, but we do have children. Some of our children are grown, but we do have an 11 year old. Some people may think kids don’t know and see things and to them I say, wise up folks! Kids are smart and kids catch a LOT. Things that will surprise you, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing either.

I grew up in a family where sexuality (and sex/having a sex life) was freer. I was raised by Jewish Hippies (people love that description of my parents, but it fits them so well!) and they were friends with people from every walk of life. We used alternative medicines.I remember Reiki and homeopathy years and years before anyone had even heard the words before! I didn’t live on a commune, but at the ritzy hotel down the street. We were open, in many ways. It was just natural that sexuality should be one of those ways. My step-dad often remarks to me he’s glad that he and my mother aren’t married any longer, but he sure misses the sex. She was great in bed. I’ve heard this statement more times than I can count in 20 years. Thanks Dad……

Seriously though, I want my kids to see me be in love with their dad, with my husband. I want them to know that being a parent, while it may often take the front seat of my life, it didn’t mean that my marriage has to live in the back seat. I want my kids to be grossed out, because one day, they’ll appreciate that we grossed them out. I asked my 11 yo the other day if he could tell that Mommy and Daddy love each other. He said yes, so I asked why, and he said well you guys kiss and stuff all the time. I said do you think that’s cool? Is that what you want with your wife one day? He smiled and nodded.

I’m glad. I want him to have someone’s ass to smack.


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