I walked by a long mirror today and caught an extremely flattering angle and thought,  “Hey,  looking pretty good! ;)” Followed  closely by surprise. … It’s not a thought I have often. I have to remind myself that I grew three humans and to cut  myself some slack.  I have a bit of a belly  and is been difficult to loose  between surgeries.  It’s been a struggle also because I was so active before my third and final pregnancy.

I was taking with a friend the other day,  who remarked I had great legs.  I said that dancing since four years of age,  along with some gymnastics,  and years of  taekwodo/self defense teaching gave them to me.  I said I never felt I was very pretty but I always loved my legs.  He asked me why and I replied I didn’t know.  He told me that was what made me attractive.  I always knew,  when I was exotic dancing,  that I had something that appealed to a wide variety of men. I didn’t quite know what and I’m not sure about Matt’s assessment  either.

So why tell this story?  To remind you that everyone has body issues.  The most beautiful woman and the least  beautiful woman feel the same,  maybe to similar degrees, maybe not.  I said something unkind about  my body one day and the hubbs said to me  something like this: Why do you do that? I love you and I love your body.  When you complain it makes me feel like I made a bad choice and I don’t do that (he doesn’t do regret lol). Mind. Blown.

It’s a difficult lesson especially growing up in such a body conscious society.  I just try to remind myself that my husband doesn’t make bad decisions,  cuz he’s here,  with me.