As I have been in a great deal of pain the past few days, I hope you all will forgive me for recycling. This is another post from long before anyone knew who I was, but I really enjoyed it so I hope you all will too!

Forrest Gump may be right that life is like a box of chocolates, but love is a box of tampons. Tonight, the hubbs came back from the store with, among other things, a box of tampons. Now we’ve been together almost fifteen years and, while the hubbs has no problem buying tampons if they are requested, he rarely will purchase them days before. I said, “How did you know?” He gave me a look that said- this isn’t my first rodeo.

Seriously though, this told me in one move he was in tune to me. He had picked up on cues and knew what I needed. I was strangely touched. Even more, anytime I start to think he doesn’t notice these little things, he does something crazy sweet. The hubbs has an amazing quality for a man to have- he is able to buy me gifts I didn’t even know I wanted before I got them. I have talked about this superpower before and it is a truly wonderful quality for your SO to have. If your man (or woman) can do this, s/he is listening and watching and seeing all those things you do and say. Being heard is so important to our relationships. Why would someone want to stay in a situation where they feel alone, even when someone is around?

After all, tampons aren’t exactly diamonds, but sometimes, it really is the thought that counts.

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